The Touchscreen Tech: Is It Good or Not?

If someone asks you to name one of the landmarks that define modern IT devices, you will not fail to mention the touchscreen technology. This is because it has become a norm for laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and IoT devices among many others to have touchscreen capabilities.

With touchscreen technology, the display screen is touch-sensitive and you can use your finger to directly point at icons on the screen. There are different types of touchscreen technologies that operate today: resistive, capacitive, infrared, Near Field Imaging and Surface Acoustic Wave among others.

Resistive touch screens rely on the power of touch while capacitive touchscreen uses the power of the electric field and Infrared touchscreens depends on infrared light produced by LEDs.

Whatever the technology that touchscreen operates on, the question still remains on whether this technology is good compared to standard keyboard and mouse tech.

The good and the bad sides of touchscreen tech

  • Speed

When it comes to clicking speed, it is faster to do it using your finger or stylus compared to using the mouse or keyboard keys. So, why is speed important when you are interacting with your computer?

When you are playing a computer game, you know that you require speed to beat the game. This is the same for employees who are working in a busy retail or restaurant environment where orders have to be delivered fast.

  • Simplicity

It is true that touchscreen displays are simple to use even for a first time operator. In comparison, keyboards and the mouse can be intimidating especially for first time users. The fact that touchscreen tech is simple and easy to use has led to the growth of many businesses because it presents little time to train employees, promotes self service and employees can get work done easier.

Furthermore, it has made it possible for people with difficulty in using mouse and keyboards to use computers.

  • Flexibility

When it comes to flexibility, the touchscreen wins because you will not need an extra space to hook in your mouse or keyboard. The keyboard and mouse can get damaged in case you happen to spill a drink on it. This means that you will need to replace it in case you or your employees become careless.

  • Cleanliness

Touchscreen devices easily get dirty on the screen because they get touched every time. The good thing is that they can be easily cleaned unlike when you try to remove dirt from your keyboard. When it comes to industrial or outdoor setting, a touch panel PC is very advantageous because although it can get highly dirty, it can easily be cleaned. Besides, fanless panel PCs with a high IP rating ensures that no dirt or substance can easily enter into the system and damage it.

  • Accuracy

If you have been using a touchscreen device, you know that getting the accuracy that you need is sometimes difficult. This is the case especially if you are using a small device with much smaller icons on the screen. With large displays, accuracy may not be a problem although it also depends on the kind of touchscreen technology that your device uses.

  • Control and automation

When it comes to process control and automation, touchscreen technology allows for a much more integration such that monitoring and control operations are not only made easier but also done in real time.

  • Price

Touchscreens are more expensive than standard computers.

The touchscreen tech may have its disadvantages but it is a technology that is good and tech companies may think of replacing the keyboard and mouse completely with it in the future.