Protecting your Phone from Damage


No one is immune from cell phone damage. The vast majority of consumers across the country have dropped a smartphone at least once in their lives, and individuals who work outdoors or in construction-related careers are more prone to smartphone damage than usual.

Protect your phone from damage with the following helpful tips:

Use a Quality Smartphone Case

A quality smartphone case should be an automatic buy whenever you get a new phone. Purchase a quality case that gets good reviews from consumers and that is at least somewhat stylish.

While many smartphone cases cost upwards of $50, if you look hard enough and stay away from the major cell phone service providers, you can find a quality protective product for less than $25.

Buy a Screen Protector

Smartphones are extremely expensive, especially if you purchase one without a cell phone plan. If budget is an issue, skip the protective case and buy a tempered glass screen protector instead.

Made from some of the most durable material available, tempered glass screens will protect your screen from nearly any type of impact. The screen itself is durable yet thin, providing a sleek look that everyone enjoys.

A protective screen is the most important purchase you can make to protect a cell phone because screen replacements are very expensive.

Leave it Out of your Back Pocket

People have a tendency to put their cell phones in the back pocket of their jeans. This is a recipe for disaster.

Once you sit down in your car, at the table or on the couch, you could seriously damage your smartphone. Make sure to always put your smartphone in your front pocket, in your backpack or in your purse.

Don’t Take it into the Bathroom

Taking a cell phone into the bathroom is very common. The bathroom allows people time to browse their social media profiles, read the news, text or send emails.

While you might be trying to kill time at work with your cell phone in the bathroom, it’s not a safe place to use it. You risk dropping the smartphone in the toilet or in the sink when you wash your hands. Play it safe and leave the cell phone at your desk.

New smartphones can cost upwards of $800 without a contract. Spend time immediately after you purchase your new phone to find the best smartphone protective hardware that meets your price requirements.